Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with maximum quality and creativity original and innovative luxury design products, using advanced development techniques and a keen eye for details, underlining the fine Italian hand-crafted manufacture.

Alberto's Design

Original and innovative creations with avant-garde, eclectic and versatile design which results from the combination of colors and alternative materials, make the pieces unique and innovative underlining the fine hand-crafted manufacture, rigorously made in ITALY.

With a unique sense of creativity, Alberto Disarò gives life to bold and contemporary design pieces combining outstanding design and modern techniques with traditional ones.

Italian Craftsmanship

Alberto Disarò entrusts the manufacture of his artworks to expert craftsmen which work with passion and high skill using traditional manufacturing techniques, typical of an Italian excellence.

Amongst many expert techniques, Alberto Disarò’s craftsmen most often employ microfusion. Also known as lost-wax casting, the process dates back to 3500 B.C.

Jewelry-making knowledge and experimentation involve rituals of painstaking care, and attention to materials.

Research & Development

For a premium result, we research and develop new concepts for collections, based on the future fashion trends and market requirements.


Nothing can beat the challenge of creating a original and innovative design that initially is only in your imagination.

3D Sculpture Art

Thanks to our artistic experience and the new technologies,

we can create digital sculptures combining 3D modeling, texturing and painting.

Unique Pieces

For our most demanding customers we can even create unique pieces, combining new and traditional techniques.