Mythos Collection

“MYTHOS” is a line of rings inspired both by Greek and Roman mythology  together with an astral and mystical vision projected towards the immensity of space.

"AFRODYTE" (Venus, according to Romans): goddess of love, beauty, sensuality, lust and goddess of flowered gardens like the coloured stones which partly cover the surface of this yellow golden ring with a pave surface paved with diamonds. This ring represents the true desire for beauty, sensuality and seduction.
"ARTEMISIUM" (Diana, according to Romans): daughter of the Master of Olympus, Zeus, goddess of hunting, woods and fertility. She has a strong and brave character, but she is also wise and is able to be loving, very feminine and modern at the same time like this white golden ring with coloured stones differently shaped. Part of the surface is in carbon fibre which represents the impulse to the modern, innovation and research of new things and experiences.